SAT 27th August HW Bembridge 1251 HW Portsmouth 1243
MON 29th August HW Bembridge 1357 HW Portsmouth 1349

BBQ on the Sat evening
- The Marquee and BBQ have been booked.
So please bring your own food and liquid refreshments and glasses plus crockery and knives and forks etc.
(…. No need for charcoal or gas as The Harbour provides the fuel)
- Regarding the customary Pontoon Party, as the one main jetty gets crowded and trafficked with moorers

Cost of the Marquee and the BBQ, G&Ts ice and lemons needs to be met…..
…. and that will not be by me!
So say £10 per boat should cover it (assuming all join in).

Sunday - no meal organised (due to misunderstanding with Brading YC who only serve lunch)
The suggestion is you sort yourselves out to eat on board
or perhaps try and book at the excellent eatery just over the Duver dunes on the beech there
Tel 01983 873259

actvities over the weekend for the ‘Youngsters’ with the ‘Young at Heart’ not excluded
- Bring your own kites,
Weather permitting, there will be a kite flying competition on the Duver Dunes behind the Marina buildings.
How one sets that up? …. hmmm? …. To be posted and time announced ….. “Highest Kite” perhaps
- “Pooh-Craft Competition” (like Winnie-the- Pooh Poohsticks)…. Bring a sheet of A4 writing paper and make your own origami paper boat..
….. start and finishing line and time to be announced …. more hmmmm …

looking forward to it….See you there

Have a good sail across