Position Boat Race 1 Race 2 Total
1 Muscadet de Havelet 1 2 3
2 Andaxi 3 1 4
3 Panache 4 3 7
4 Corafin 2 5 7
5 Concerto 5 4 9
6 Whisper 8 6 14
7 Minstrel Boy 7 8 15
8 Ripple of Kyle 6 9 15
9 Connie 13 7 20
10 Starstreak 10 10 20
11 Caramor II 9 13 22
12 Azolum 13 14 27
13 Equator 13 14 27


Position Boat Time
1 Muscadet de Havelet 15.26
2 Corafin 15.28
3 Andaxi 15.27?
4 Panache 15.39
5 Concerto 15.4
6 Ripple of Kyle 15.43
7 Minstrel Boy 16.22
8 Whisper 16.24
9 Caramor II 18.2
10 Starstreak 18.32
Connie Ret
Azolum Ret
Equator Ret


Position Boat Time
1 Andaxi 14.31?
2 Muscadet de Havelet 14.31
3 Panache 14.33
4 Concerto 14.33
5 Corafin 14.33
6 Whisper 14.36
7 Connie 14.37
8 Minstrel Boy 14.44
9 Ripple of Kyle 14.51
10 Starstreak 14.59
Caramor II Ret
Azolum DNS
Equator DNS

A fantastic weekend of Contessa racing during the ever popular Cowes - Poole – Cowes weekend organised in association with Cowes Corinthian YC and Parkstone Yacht Club. Saturday’s outward leg started in the central Solent with a mixture of regular racers and some new faces taking part. Very close racing with Muscadet leading all the way to Hurst where the fleet split. Muscadet chose to take the Needles Channel while Concerto lead the fleet through the North Channel. Sailing across Christchurch bay in increasing wind (22-27kts) was a good test of boat and crew with some pushing on under No1 and full Main. Muscadet’s gamble paid off (not for the first time) by finishing at No1 Bar buoy in 1st place, Corafin and Andaxi took 2nd and 3rd. In the Two handed fleet Panache was 1st (4th Overall) and Concerto 2nd (5th overall). There was also a special prize for Andaxi’s youngest crewmember (Eva) for being the fastest boat with a young crew, 2nd prize when to James and Ben on Caramor II.

Alice and Jonathan on Panache welcomed the fleet to Parkstone with a glass or two or freshly made Pimm’s before the exhausted crews retired to Parkstone yacht club for an excellent and very welcome dinner.

Sunday was a considerably dryer and faster return leg to the Solent and the fleet were started from a Committee boat just outside the harbour. Muscadet were keen to achieve the double and were the first to launch their spinnaker while crossing the line. The rest of the fleet soon followed and spread out in a picture of colour. Despite some boats heading into the shore and others staying out there was just a few boat-lengths between the leaders at Hurst. Muscadet and Andaxi battling it out for the lead. Behind them Panache and Concerto were scrapping for 3rd with mile after mile of luffing and swapping places. Corafin in 5th were watching from astern and sneaking up all the time while the leaders played. It was almost a photo-finish as Andaxi just beat Muscadet to the win and Panache came in 3rd.

A wonderful weekend of racing in blustery conditions but sunshine all the way. I am sure there are plenty of sun-burned faces and aching bodies recovering back at work today.