A key attraction of racing a Contessa in the one-design fleet is the complete absence of handicapping. All boats race on an equal footing and the best sailors win. In order to continue to be recognised as a one-design class the Association applies Class Rules to all competing boats. Through the application of the Class rules the Class Association does all within its power to avoid the problems of 'cheque book racing'.

To ensure compliance and fairness the Class Association has an Official Measurer (and Technical Sub-Committee) who oversees the following activities:

  1. Inspection and measurement of Contessa 32s for compliance to the class rules so that a Class Certificate can be issued.
  2. Assisting and advising owners with boat modifications and upgrades to ensure the boat remains "In Class".
  3. Collecting, inspecting, recording and forwarding of Sail Measurement Certificates to ensure compliance of new sails that are purchased.
  4. Checking on boats that are racing in the one-design series to ensure that boats remain compliant with class rules.

The Official Measurer is also in contact with rating agencies such as RORC/IRC so that advice can be provided to owners wishing to race under handicap.

The Official Measurer (and Technical Sub-Committee*) also oversee the process of consulting on and presenting any rule changes to the AGM. If you have any questions about the process of Measurement for a Class Certificate or any other technical issue then please feel free to contact the Official Measurer who will be happy to help. The measurement process is generally quick and it is very unusual to come across a boat that is significantly "out of class".

*The Technical Sub-committee consists of Official Measurer, Class Captain, Vice-Captain and Sailing Secretary.