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Please note booking must close on 20th May

Saturday 27th May 2017

Meet in Bembridge 1130-1530 hrs (NB tidal restrictions apply, HW 1337 hrs)
Please pay your own marina fee at the office

Marquee and barbecue booked from 1800 hrs

    BBQ meat, Pimms and soft drinks provided - £10 per head (kids free)
    Vegetarians (sorry) please bring your own BBQ ingredients - £6 per head to cover drinks

Please contribute by bringing bread, salads or puddings to share and email when you sign up to indicate what you’re bringing. We will keep a list here of what each boat is bringing ...

  1. L'Aquarelle: Bread rolls
  2. Ripple of Kyle: Couscous salad
  3. Equator: TBD
  4. Cosantes: Pudding
  5. Catherine: Greek salad
  6. Flicka: Potato salad
  7. Chantue: French bread & pudding
  8. Panache: Pudding
  9. Triagoz: Bread
  10. Whisper: Mixed salad
  11. Firefly: Pudding
  12. Badger: TBD

Sunday 28th May 2015

Cruise (or race if you must) in company to Itchenor (HW 1405)
Please pay mooring fees directly to the harbour master

    Dinner (2-course) at Itchenor Sailing Club from 1930 hrs - £20 per person

Monday 29th May 2017

Return home at your leisure